Show #11 Jim Armstrong

Jim Armstrong's new album Junction Road takes you where rock meets twang

by Ken on February 5, 2011

Courageous doesn’t begin to tell this story

Jim Armstrong didn’t just overcome adversity, it is his constant companion. Epilepsy (since age eight), brain surgery and a horrific run-in with a fork lift would stop most of us cold. All they do for Jim is spur his enormous talent and immense heart to churn out eerily touching tunes.

His new opus, Junction Roadwhere rock meets twang” is pure Americana heaven! We sampled 9 tracks during our sit down with Jim and his longtime songwriting partner, Andrea Poulis who runs their music business out of Sonic Deli Records in Toronto, Ontario Canada. 

Email Jim & Andrea. They’d love to hear from ya!

A big THANK YOU to Jersey Joe at Pick To Click for recommending we take Jim’s music for a spin. We’re now fans for life!

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