Can fired rocker reunite one of America's music legends?

Chicago Reunion? (part 2)

by Ken on August 14, 2013

Part 2 of our exclusive interview with Danny Seraphine, cofounder of the legendary jazz-rock band, Chicago. Drummer, composer and songwriter of several Top 40 hits, Danny was fired in 1990. What caused the bitter split, and what’s happened since, rival the story behind his tumultuous rise to fame from Chicago’s mean streets. (Miss Part 1? )

Book ’em, Danno

23 years is a long time to heal from a kick in the teeth. Danny Seraphine isn’t quite there – though you can’t tell by the music coming from California Transit Authority, his new band. Publishing his memoirs (authored by Adam Mitchell) has dispelled, and confirmed, a number of ugly rumors.

For our .. er .. money, the most riveting part of Street Player: My Chicago Story is Danny’s vivid account of the nightmarish FBI probe into alleged Mafia ties to the superstar band he cofounded, Chicago. Here’s an excerpt:

Hounded, and to this day haunted by the ordeal, Danny talks about the day the front page headlines broke, and what life was like in Chicago forever more.

Each of us remembers the moment our innocence was lost. For millions of Chicago fans world-wide, the never-go-back-again moment came upon learning that coke, as Danny puts it, was the band’s ninth member.

Tomorrow: Part 3. The real reason Chicago told Woodstock, “No, thanks.” And despite two, sensational studio albums under their belts, what Danny Seraphine still sees as the biggest obstacle to California Transit Authority gaining traction, Chicago-like acclaim and adoration.

Songs heard here co-written by Danny Seraphine. They include Chicago hits “Street Player”, “Lowdown”, and “Old Days”, as well as “Full Circle” off CTA’s current album, “Sacred Ground.”

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