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Show #8 Ironwood Rain

Ironwood Rain

by Ken on October 3, 2010

Now that the smoke has cleared from the release of “Burn The Ships”, their first CD to fly all-original colors, Ironwood Rain stands firmly on the shores of acoustic nirvana.

No longer content to front a mostly-cover band, vocalist/bass player, Scotte Burns and childhood friend, songwriter and guitarist, Mike Kloepfer set sail by adding two key mates (and deep-sixing the drum machine) to form the Denver-based, AC/AAA, progressive rock quartet their fans insist is the second-coming of C S & N and the Eagles.

JJ Maestas answered a CraigsList ad, stepped to the mic and blew away everyone who’d auditioned with a voice Burns says is “suggestive of Ritchie Havens or The Guess Who’s Chad Allen.”

Gary Saint Germain joined the crew this year, the high-energy Boston drummer instantly altering Ironwood Rain’s course to a more dynamic, percussive sound.

Burn the Ships is a collaborative song-writer’s dream, each member contributing lyrics and music to a lusty brew of acoustic & rich, vocal harmonies. Sit back and enjoy their music as we chat for 20 minutes with Scotte, Mike, JJ and Gary.

Oh, and be sure to watch ‘Making of Burn the Ships.’

Tunes played: Burn the Ships, Ages, Fly to You, Where a Man Would Stand.

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