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Show #2 Lily Sparks

Lily Sparks Cooper Cobra EP

by Ken on June 22, 2010

Club Indie luvs to rock…

Who are Lily Sparks? Verb tense issues aside, this is one mother lovin’, hard rockin’ girl band. Oops, sorry Nick, nobody questions your masculinity (at least not while you’re wielding those drum sticks)! They’re taking NYC by storm, and taking no classic rock ‘n roll prisoners. Spend some time this St. Paddy’s day getting to know Niamh (pronounced: Neev in her native Ireland), KG (owns more guitars than most anyone you know) and Nikki (don’t let all those tats fool you, she studied music and recording engineering at Berkley).

Their debut EP, Cooper Cobra tells your ears all you need to know. Every note orchestrated and sung as sweetly and powerfully as any muscle car engine on the line at Connecticut Dragway. Purrfect!

NOTE: this show first aired on St. Patty’s Day, March 17, 2010.

Lily Sparks on the Web

Tunes heard on this show…

  • “The Girls” LS
  • “Stars” LS
  • “Walk Away” LS
  • “Where Are We Today?”
  • “St. Patrick Didn’t Drink”
  • “What Shall We Do With a Catnipped Kitty?”

 Enjoy a few laughs and some great music, on us!