Show #6 All Mod Cons

Boston-based All Mod Cons

by Ken on July 20, 2010

Many believe The JAM, as All Mod Cons co-founder, singer and bassist, Glenn Matto puts it, “single-handidly invented Indie music.” But that, Matto says, “would only be half right.”  Since 1989, Boston-based All Mod Cons (named after The JAM’s breakout album) has been paying tribute to and recreating the excitement, passion and raw energy of the British punk-pop legends.

One of three original tribute groups to hit the shores of the UK nearly two decades ago, All Mod Cons scored big with young fans of The JAM. Several European tours later, the Americans are still at it. Lead-singer, guitarist and co-founder, Barry Pugatch, AMC’s current drummer, A.J. Beaulieu, and Matto (Bruce Foxton on stage) continue to remind stateside audiences of just how bloody good The JAM were, along with their important place in music history.

The JAMWe wanted to know, have The JAM ever said thanks? The answer- as you will hear throughout this interview – is an unqualified Yes. One gesture – if not gratitude, certainly respect for AMC’s chops – came from Brit drummer, Rick Buckler who, along with Bruce Foxton co-authored the book, “The Jam: Our Story.” In it Buckler wrote: [pullthis display=”outside”]”The three of us playing together is not going to happen again. The closest you will get is Boston-based, All Mod Cons.”[/pullthis]

Time Codes…

We’d hoped to give you a laugh or two, but if you only came for the interview, no worries. These might help:

0:00 – 1:50  Tease montage of sound bites from interview.
6:30 – 38:30 Interview. AMC (and The JAM) music woven in.

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