Show #6 All Mod Cons

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Many believe The JAM, as All Mod Cons co-founder, singer and bassist, Glenn Matto puts it, “single-handidly invented Indie music.” But that, Matto says, “would only be half right.”  Since 1989, Boston-based All Mod Cons (named after The JAM’s breakout album) has been paying tribute to and recreating the excitement, passion and raw energy of the British punk-pop legends. One of three original tribute groups to hit […]


Show #4 Maree McRae

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Urgency… It is the title of her new album and for Maree McRae the music contained therein is deeply personal. Begun as an Americana / Country studio project, something delightfully odd happened on its way to radio stations across the land. One of the tracks, “Breeze” became the #1 most added single in the country […]