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Rhythm Child

by Ken on June 20, 2010

Club Indie is all about the MUSIC…

And those who make it. If you love the indie tunes we feature on YCMIU, but want to hear more of it, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the debut of 2Kens Comedy Club Indie. Chats with artists and bands we like, sprinkled with lots of their music.

You don’t gotta be a kid…

To appreciate today’s musical guest. No matter your age, the RHYTHM is gonna grab ya. But especially so if you’re a child. Which is what Heather and Norman Jones set out to do in 2003 when they conceived of the Rhythm Child Network. Big people vibes, soul, R & B, reggae… for children. As you will hear, the couple’s two boys, Bailey (9) and Andre (4) contribute mightily to the cause, on stage and off.

Rhythm Child’s mission is to encourage children to create soulful music and percussion, while also building their self confidence. “Eat a Bowl of Cherries” the group’s latest release, proves that not all children’s music needs to be hyperactive and saccharin sweet. Style-wise, Rhythm Child sounds more like Otis Redding than Alvin and the Chipmunks, an innovation that will delight children and parents alike. Enjoy the show, folks!

By the way, compliments of Rhythm Child, get your free download, of “Everybody Is The One.” Bailey sings lead. (p.s. – you’re gonna flip over the horns!)

NOTE: this show first aired on March 4, 2010.

Next time…

Club Indie’s next guest in March is Lily Sparks, NYC’s hard rocking trio of ladies whose pounding beat and wailing guitars instantly remind you of Heart, Pink, and Pat Benetar.

Tunes played on this show:

  • Bowl of Cherries – RC
  • Jammy Put On – RC
  • Everybody Is The One – RC
  • Shaker Song – RC
  • Stars – by Lily Sparks
  • The Party – 8 Ball Aitken

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