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What if Peter Cetera, Danny Seraphine and the original Chicago did a benefit?

Chicago Reunion? (Final part)

by Ken on August 16, 2013

This is the final installment in our exclusive interview with Danny Seraphine, the drummer who co-founded the legendary jazz-rock band, Chicago. It’s been 23, often painful, years since Danny was fired. He claims he’s finally made peace with it all. What he wants to see now is a reunion concert, perhaps a series. For Chicago’s music, for the fans, for charity.

A journey of a thousand miles…

It doesn’t end on Broadway. Nor on an independent film set. For Danny Seraphine, who’s been both places since his bitter split with Chicago, it has been about finding his way back home.

For Chicago, with fame came great loss. In late ’77, the band and multi-Grammy Award winning producer, Jim Guercio parted ways. Creative differences, is how it read in the press. 1978 began with the accidental handgun death of guitarist Terry Kath. At 31, he’d become one of the best ever to swing an axe. In ’85 The Voice of Chicago, Peter Cetera said goodbye, and hello to a stellar, solo singing & songwriting career.

The contentious ouster of their beat keeper in 1990, and other high-drama, like the FBI probe into alleged Mafia ties to the band, are expertly told by Seraphine in the book Street Player: My Chicago Storywritten by Adam Mitchell.

Danny says it’s time everyone involved put aside their differences and reunite Chicago for a benefit concert, or series.

Scores of Chicago fans agree.

For Danny Seraphine, life has been very, very good. A fact he accepts with heaping portions of gratitude, humility and thanks.

Danny Seraphine co-founded California Transit Authority in 2006. Back on drums, jazz-rock was reborn. CTA’s second studio release, Sacred Ground dropped this April.


Chicago Reunion? (part 2)

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