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Show #7 gilli moon

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by Ken on July 30, 2010

gilli named her just-released sixth album The Stillness to reflect where her soul lives these days. In that quiet place under the radar. A stark contrast to her meteoric rise from the Australian wildnerness to Los Angeles and indie music icon status.

With the same futility reviewers must feel when they try, with words, to truly capture her live performances, gilli moon (she prefers lower case- ya gotta listen :-)) is too many things for this space to hold. Polymedia artist, prolific and award-winning singer-songwriter, producer, publisher, speaker and co-founder of Songsalive!®, the largest international non-profit songwriter’s organization, gilli’s own label Warrior Girl Music sends in high decibels her message of self-affirmation.

That’s only part of the wisdom she tirelessly imparts to fellow artists, writers and producers. The rest of it is the understanding that this is a business in which, to achieve all that you strive to reach, you must go out and get it.

Throughout this interview you will hear many of the songs on The Stillness. gilli moon hopes you enjoy them as much as she and her band did in their creation. And if you enjoyed our show drop us an email. We love hearing from fans! [show runs 45:00]

Our 1 minute laugh break is from “Barnyard Beauties” which aired March 23, 2009 on our weekly comedy show, You Can’t Make It Up!

gilli’s website, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, music videos and album sales.


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